Independent Montanans

Shane Morigeau is a proud native Montanan and graduate of the University of Montana School of Law. As a state legislator, Shane worked with Republicans and Democrats to make healthcare more affordable, protect public lands, provide professional vocational career opportunities for students, and promote Montana small businesses. Shane will work tirelessly to protect Montanans from predatory short-term junk insurance and investment fraud. Shane is running for Auditor because Montana deserves an independent voice who puts Montanans ahead of any political party.

Troy Downing, on the other hand, is a wealthy carpetbagger who moved to Montana from California to jumpstart his political career. Downing has repeatedly disregarded Montana law, pleading guilty to having obtained resident hunting licenses as a non-resident and unlawfully procuring a license or permit, when residency over the period in question was described as “seasonal at best” by investigators. In his most recent attempt to buy political office, he was found to have violated Montana campaign finance law seven times.

Before October 9th, independent-leaning men and Republican young women especially should see online how recent California transplant Troy Downing behaved like he was above the law and failed to hold himself accountable in the above circumstances. How can Montanans trust him to hold insurance and securities industries accountable?